Friday, 31 May 2013

Sign Language Booklet: Jacob

This is my Sign Language booklet on my name. I have learnt how to spell my name by using Sign Language. As you might already know, Sign Language is the third official language of New Zealand.

Sign Language: Jacob

This month it is sign language month. Sign Language is the third official language of New Zealand. Mrs Eles taught us sign language.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Current Events: Jacob

TITLE: ‘Cost-cuts will take beach lifesaver jobs’

WHEN: It doesn't say when it happened but it was published on the 26th of May.✔

WHO: The Lifeguards and the SLSNR✔

WHERE: Whangarei to Raglan✔

WHAT:  SLSNR are taking lifeguards away from the beaches because they aren't making a profit.

WHY or HOW it happened: SLSNR isn't making enough money. The revenue dropped.

What do you think the author wanted you to learn from this article?
To make us aware if they take lifeguards away because they aren't making a profit.

List 2 new words you have found in this article, then write their meanings.
Overseeing: Supervise (a person or work), esp. in an official capacity.
Concerned: Worried, troubled, or anxious: "the villagers are concerned about burglaries".

Friday, 24 May 2013

Past/Present Comparison: Jacob

LI: To make comparisons between the past and present

Use the photos on picasa (or the Internet) to create a photographic comparison that shows three changes in schools over time.

100 years ago teachers learnt their skills in the classroom.
Today teachers go to university for four years before they can teach a class.
100 Years ago they didn’t have proper rings and stadiums.
Today we have more advanced technology, motors and we have proper race tracks
100 Years ago they had worse punishments like getting the strap or getting caned.
Today we have more advanced technology and the teachers can’t give kids the strap or cane them on the hand.
Typewriters were our netbooks. Typewriters have limited paper.
Netbooks are our typewriters. Netbooks have a keyboard with a mouse pad. The netbooks are digital.

Current Events: Jacob

TITLE: 'Scary' bite may mean op

WHEN: This article was published, Friday 17th May 2013.

WHO: Stella Twigley

WHERE: Pakuranga, Auckland, NZ

WHAT: Stella Twigley was bit by a spider. The spider poisoned her and she needed surgery. She didn't know what had happened or what to do.

WHY or HOW it happened: The spider just bit her hand. She woke up and saw a spider bite.
What do you think the author wanted you to learn from this article?
To be aware of spider bites and how to treat them.

List 2 new words you have found in this article, then write their meanings.

Phenergan: antihistamine (trade name Phenergan) used to treat allergies; also an antiemetic used to treat motion sickness.

Anaphylaxis: An extreme, often life-threatening, allergic reaction to an antigen (e.g., a bee sting) to which the body has become hypersensitive...

I hope you learn new words and their meanings.

Year 7 Digital Tech experience: Jacob

This is my Year 7 digital tech experience. I have made a booklet on flip snack to show my learning and what I have learnt at digital technologies. I hope you like it

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Author Study Des Hunt: Jacob

This is my author study on Des Hunt. The senior classes have been reading his books in class. Our class is reading Cry of the Taniwha. It is about two boys who find bones and a cat burglar from 1886/

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Milk and Fruit in schools Jacob

Milk in Schools
Fruit in schools
  • Free milk was given to New Zealand schoolchildren from 1937 - 1967
  • School milk meant better bones & teeth development.
  • Most kids didn’t like the taste and smell of the milk in schools.
  • some people were starting to question the benefits of milk.
  • Milk in schools was given worldwide.
  • The $12 million Fruit in Schools programme is helping to keep kids focused and better behaved in the classroom.
  • The fruit in schools program started in 2006.
  • They thought kids weren’t getting enough nutrition.
  • In New Zealand, fruit in schools serves more than 100,000 children.
  • It focuses on encouraging and supporting schools in taking a ‘Health Promoting’ approach to supporting healthy eating.

My comment to Piripi: Jacob

This is my comment to Piripi's all about me.

My comment to Isaac:Jacob

This is my comment to Isaac on his dictionary meanings.

Xtramath results: Jacob

This is my subtraction placement quiz. The green boxes are the ones that I didn't do. The faces are the ones I did  and are really good at them.
This is my first multiplication (Times tables) quiz. The ticks mean I need a bit more work on them. The blank boxes mean I'm doing those ones in the next quiz.
This is my second multiplication (Times Tables) quiz.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dictionary Meanings Challenge: Jacob

Dictionary Meanings Challenge:
LI: find and write the dictionary meanings of our words so that we can use them with understanding.

Our Topic Words:
1. The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
2. Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge.
Make or become different “A proposal to change law”.
The act or instance of making or becoming different.
Gone by in time and no longer existing.
The time or a period of time before the moment of speaking or writing.
The time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.
At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.
Take in (information, ideas, or culture) and understand fully: "assimilate the week's events".

A sentence worded or expressed so as to  information: "we hope this leaflet has been helpful in answering your questions".
  1. The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.
  2. The penalty inflicted.
1. a result or effect of an action or condition.
2.Importance or relevance: "the past is of no consequence".
Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people): "Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians".
Show or explain to (Someone) how to do something: “She taught him to read”.
We are learning these words for topic. Our topic is What's next.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Interclass soccer:Jacob

This is the interclass soccer. It is room 9 against room 6. I am the captain of the team and it was very challenging playing against room 6. We lost 2-1. There is 4 more games.

Timeline of writing tools:Jacob

This is my time line for writing tools. It is from 4000 B.C to 1997. There are different pencils and pens made over the years. I hope you learn something.

My finished collage:Jacob

This is my collage that I have just finished on photoshop. First I needed 4+ passions. I used 6 passions, some images, the paint tool and some text. I did some of my favorite colors as the background. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tricks used in advertising:Jacob

This is my popplet on tricks used in advertising. It is about how the burgers are different then the advertisements. The burgers on the ads are big and the real burgers made are squashed and greasy.

Xtramath results: Jacob

This is my first test. I got 2 wrong.
This is my race the teacher results. I got 64 answers correct in a row.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Persuasive language features: Jacob

Punishment in schools was unfair in 1900.

How would you like to be strapped/caned on the hand?
Remember getting caned, remember the dunce cap.
We are hard working students who make sure our work is finished to a high standard.
If I get caned one more time I will go to the jungle and live with monkey's.
99% of children hate punishments from 1900.
Punishments are hurtful, dangerous and unforgettable.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Squash practice :Jacob

This week we are doing squash. This is me practising squash with friends to get balance. We had to balance the ball on the racket and walk around while balancing the ball. Squash is kind of like Tennis. The ball can only bounce once on the ground before you hit it although you can hit it on the full. The aim is to get the ball to bounce when it is the other person's turn to hit the ball. On the serve you need to hit it on the full and above the middle line and below the bottom line.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Pronouns: Jacob

My pronoun score. Click here to go to the link if you want to try it out.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Xtramath certificate :Jacob

This is my xtramath certificate. It is on addition. It is for answering basic addition facts in under 3 seconds.

Xtramath results:Jacob

This is my first test for subtraction. The white boxes mean I need to answer them quicker.
This is my second test for subtraction. I have got them all correct.
This is my third test on subtraction where I had to race the teacher. The teacher got a score of 3 and I got a score of 77.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fast Factors :Jacob

This is my first time doing 13 times table. I finished it in 34 seconds and got them all correct.
This is my second time doing this. I finished it in 21 seconds.
This is my first time doing 7 times tables. I've got them all correct in a time of 13 seconds.

Extra Math results: Jacob

This is the results for my first test I've only got 1 wrong. The blank squares mean that I need to do them in the next test.
This is my second test. I've got every question correct.
This is my third test where I had to verse the teacher. The teacher had 2 points and I had 78 points.
As you can see I have improved in every test.