Friday, 31 October 2014

My special friend: Jacob S

My Special friend

My friend is special to me because he is a really close friend. He makes me feel pleasant about myself. My special friend is Teagan. He helps me when I need help and he is comfortable to be around. I made a mistake and he laughed in a way that wouldn't make me offended.

First of all Teagan is someone who shares the same humour and I can relate to him. We started playing rugby at the same time. We also have the same fears. He is afraid of heights and I am too. We have a lot in common.

Teagan makes me feel joyful when I am blue. I am never embarrassed when I am around him. He always has my back. I am always happy when I am around him.

He is my special friend because he is a family friend. Our parents have been friends for a long time and we have been close friends since I was 3 years old and he was 4 years old. Teagan is my first friend.

A special friend is important because they are trustworthy. You can rely on them. If you didn’t have a special friend you would be depressed. When you are stressed there is no one to help you and you would always be sad.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tellagami on maths: Jacob S

This is a video on what I did to solve an addition problem with tenths in it. I needed to increase or decrease the value of one number to make it a whole number. Then I needed to decrease or increase the value of the other number by the same amount. I used tellagami to create this video. It is an application that can be downloaded from on an ipad. First I needed to pick a gender. Then I needed to pick a background. At last I need to record my voice.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Moon: Oh s'mar, Joshua, Tamim & Jacob S

This is a presentation on the different phases of the moon.

Stars explanation: Jacob S

Have you ever wondered why stars are only visible at night? It is because of the sun’s heat rays that turn the sky blue. The stars don’t go anywhere, the sun just prevents us from seeing them in the day.

Stars are giant balls of glowing gas. They are made up of hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen is the lightest gas and helium is the second lightest gas. When the two elements meet it causes a nuclear fusion or an explosion.

Did you know the sun is a star. The sun is 149,600,000 kilometres away from earth. The sun isn't the biggest star. There are many stars but there is only one star in our solar system.

When there is light, we can’t see stars. City lights can also prevent us from seeing stars. To get the best view of stars you need to get away from all of the street lights. If you are in complete darkness you can see every single star across the universe except for the sun.

The universe Is built up of many stars. Each star is visible during the night. Sometimes you can see stars in the daytime. Every single star has a purpose. Their purpose is to shine light across the universe.

A star is a bright ball of gas that shines light across the universe. You can only see a star at night because in the day the sun’s heat rays prevent us from seeing them.

Hundredths equations: Jacob S

This is my maths strategy on how to solve equations with hundredths in them by rounding one number to the nearest whole number.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Eye Spy information poster: Jacob S

This is my information poster on the article 'Eye Spy'. It has information on galaxies, constellations, the moon and planets. I created this using comic life. I hope you learn something. If you did, leave a comment.

Space paragraph

Jazmine, Shantay, Kyra, Halatoa, Jacob S & Juliano
We live in the universe that is built up of many galaxies. Many solar systems make up a galaxy. In our solar system there is a Sun that shines bright in the day, but you can’t see it at night because the Sun only shines at a specific time. Our planet orbits around the sun on a 365 day axis. The further the planet away from the Sun, the longer it takes to orbit around the sun. The Solar System has 8 planets all together. The Sun is a star. Stars are actually light years away from our planet. Most stars are bigger than the sun. A group of stars is called a constellation. When we can’t see the sun at night because one side of the Earth is facing the moon.The moon is like a satellite because it orbits in Earth’s atmosphere. Over the past few years technology has changed. People have been sending out space probes and satellites to study other planets and the different suns. Satellites give us a clear understanding of planets. Space probes need to be built for the different  gravities on the planets. Astronauts are space explorers that go to planets after space probes.

This is what my thinking group has written. We worked collaboratively to complete a paragraph using all the words that are underlined.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Maths Decimals: Jacob S, Puke, Tamim, Joshua

This is what our group did for maths. We made a show me about how to solve decimal equations.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Holiday reading - Setting: Jacob

Title - 
Time Hunters Knight Quest
Author - 
Chris Blake
Type of book - 
A line from the book describing the setting - I was pulled into the book, there was stone every where and I saw king Arthur. The Stone age